How to Handle a Damaged Garage Door

Damaged Garage Door

Have you ever put the car in drive instead of reverse and driven into your garage door? What about forgetting you had a bike or luggage rack on top of your vehicle before entering your garage? Do you have kids that play hockey in the driveway and use the garage as the boards? Regardless of what type or how severe the damage is, you should know how to handle a damaged garage door.

The first thing you should do is assess the damage. In most cases, the bottom of the garage door is the most damaged, and the garage door can still be lifted entirely even with the damage.

Check each part of the operating system, including the cables, rollers, and tracks. If it is clear and you have not already done so, remove your car from the garage and see if your electric garage door remote can still close the garage door. If anything looks or sounds off, unplug your door opener from the outlet.

If the garage door is removed from its hinges, then there is not much left you can do. This is when you will want first to give the professional technicians Environmental Door a call, and if your car is still trapped in the garage, call for a ride from a friend.

Whether it is your garage door or car that has sustained the most damage, you will want to give your insurance agent a call. Your auto insurance may not cover damage to the garage door, so you will need to call your home insurance agency too.

When you are in need of a safe and affordable garage door fix, or if you are looking to upgrade to a new garage door, you should call Environmental Door for a free quote at 616-453-0164, or visit our Grand Rapids showroom at 11501 3rd Ave NW.

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