Environmental Door’s 26-Point Garage Door Safety Checklist

Environmental Door’s 26-Point garage door safety checklist our technicians perform for every new and recurring customer.

  1. Test Control Panel / Remotes / Keyless Entry
  2. Check Boom / Trolley
  3. Test Safety Eyes
  4. Check Motor / Gears
  5. Check Bell Wire
  6. Test Safety Reverse / Limit Switches
  7. Check Force Setting
  8. Check Door Balance
  9. Check Springs
  10. Lube Rollers
  11. Check Cables
  12. Check Safety Cables
  13. Check Drums
  14. Check Center Bearing
  15. Check End Bearing Plates
  16. Check Pulleys
  17. Check Forks
  18. Check Shaft
  19. Check Hinges
  20. Check Brackets
  21. Lube Tracks
  22. Check Hinge Arms
  23. Check Strut / Truss Rod
  24. Check Spring Anchor
  25. Check Bottom Weather Seal
  26. Check Panel Condition


A diagram of Environmental Door’s 26-point Garage Door safety checklist:

A diagram of Environmental Door's 26-point Garage Door safety checklist


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