Extending Your Garage Door Lifespan

A technician checking the panels of a garage door to improve the garage door lifespan.

Homeowners know that routine maintenance is necessary for almost all aspects of their house. Monitoring and maintaining your appliances, plumbing, and HVAC system can save you from making unwanted emergency repairs. So you should do the same with your garage and extend your garage door’s lifespan.

There are many pieces that go into a fully functioning garage door, and knowing what makes up your door will help you keep it in great shape. Often, homeowners will just throw away the manual, but you really should look at the owner’s manual for your garage door. The manual will inform you of each part and how to troubleshoot common issues. Some manuals will even provide you with a maintenance schedule.

Just as you would want a technician to look at your air conditioner before summer hits, call a garage door technician and follow the timeline for regular maintenance. If the manual couldn’t tell you what you wanted to know, then the technician will teach you about the ins and outs of a properly working garage door.

One of those things the technician will tell you is to keep your garage door well lubricated. Finding and lubricating the nuts and bolts will extend the life of your garage door. While you are inside the garage, inspect the tracks, too. Ensure that any dirt or debris is clear, because any debris can affect how the rollers travel along the track.

Of course, knowing that the inner workings of your garage door are in good shape will help how the garage door operates. However, you should not overlook the outside of the garage door. The facade is not only for cosmetics or curb appeal, but the garage door panels are there to help protect the things that are inside. Just as dirt can cause trouble in the tracks, dirty garage doors can lead to other problems like rust.

If you do stumble upon a problem with your garage door, taking care of it early can help extend its lifespan, meaning your money will go farther. Remember, regular maintenance is always less expensive than calling a technician for emergency repairs. Not only that, but trying to fix a garage door yourself can be dangerous. For more information on regular maintenance to help your garage door last longer, call the experts at Environmental Door today at 616-453-0164.

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