Getting to Know the Latest Garage Door Trends

Learn the latest garage door trends for 2023. From colors to windows, trim to style. A red garage door with white panel outlines.

There is more to owning a garage than providing security and protection for your car or extra storage space in your home. The garage design and doors say a lot about you and your home. A garage door can impact the exterior aesthetics of your home because it contributes to the overall appeal of your structure. 

Aside from positively impacting the appearance of the exterior of your building, it is also crucial that the garage door is sturdy and impenetrable; you don’t want rain or sun rays to affect the glass of your car or damage the things stored in the garage. So, if you want to replace your garage door, buy a new house, or advertise a building, here are the latest garage door trends for 2022 and 2023:

Glazed or Glass Doors

Glass doors have recently become a popular garage door design. Because of their modern appearance, they are also in high demand for their transparent or tinted glass options. If you prefer a more minimalist look, this is a good option because it comes in various frame designs and options. 

Glass garage doors also allow you to transform your garage into a multipurpose space by providing natural light for activities such as workouts, laundry, workshop repairs, and others. This design combines a modern aesthetic with a sturdy door.

Automatic Doors

Almost all of our home appliances and gadgets are becoming smart, from lighting to air conditioning to heating, all controlled by the touch of a button. 

Our garage doors can now be smart devices as well. There are designs in which a simple remote control can automatically open and close the doors. Some function based on weather conditions, while some with key code options and many other top configurations. If you are interested in smart home options, this is for you. It is a very convenient option with the highest level of security. 

However, its installation is a difficult process, so it is best to contact a professional to get your garage door up and running. Call Environmental Door at 616-453-0614. We can help get your garage door working properly.

Wood Trim Doors

Wood-trimmed garage doors have become one of the most popular garage doors in recent years. It is a popular design because of its simple functionality and sense of nobility. All this and more is possible because of the wood’s color and style, creating a luxurious and high-end appearance. The wood-trimmed door is the way to go if you want something simple and elegant. It gives your landscape and surroundings a more natural appearance.

Farmhouse Doors

Do you want to adopt a modern look while retaining your beloved historical or vintage look? This garage door design will give you the perfect flair. The farmhouse door has a contemporary, rustic, and timeless appearance, giving your home a warm, welcoming effect while still securing and protecting your garage. It is one trend that will not go away soon.

Colorful Doors

Another popular garage door trend is the colorful door. Vibrancy is one to look out for this year if you want to spice up your building design. This door allows you to include a personal touch in your garage design by incorporating your style and personality into your choice of color, which appeals to your guests and general onlookers. A colorful door provides an infinite number of color shades to choose from.

The two main things to look for in a garage door design are functionality and aesthetics. We hope you enjoyed reading about the latest garage door trends. Are you buying a new garage door or replacing an old one? Call 616-453-0614 to reach Environmental Door. We can assist you in getting your garage door working properly.

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