How to Build a Custom Garage Door

Environmental Door knows how to build a custome garage door, but now you can too with our online tool. A garage door technician installs a door panel.

Often, moving into a new home means making plenty of changes to the property. Inside, you focus on remodeling, a fresh layer of paint, or simply changing a few fixtures. Outdoors, you’ll look to planting your own garden, fixing the gutters, or putting up a new mailbox. But all that has to do with the house itself, so what about the garage?

The garage itself may suit all your needs, but not your style. That’s why learning how to build a custom garage door can make a huge difference. Changing from the dull old garage door to one that fits your aesthetics is more than just upgrading the look. There are many great reasons to invest in a custom garage door.

Because you are in charge of the designs, your custom garage door can come in any shape or size. Even if the openings aren’t a standard height or width, a custom design can be drawn up that fits those dimensions. A custom door also can fit your needs.

Garage doors do not have to be just a plain design, but can have many styles or colors incorporated into the design. The colors or finishes can match the exterior of your house. You can add windows or different patterns to the design. Nearly anything you can think of can be designed.

Many standard garage doors are made from aluminum, but there are other options. Metal, wood, steel, or other durable materials can be chosen, and what you pick will depend on your style. Most standard garage doors also lack insulation. To keep your garage and your home better protected from the extreme temperatures outside, an additional layer of insulation can be added.

Your custom garage door can also open differently. You may choose that you want it to open just like any other standard door on tracks, but you can also choose a door that opens in a more unique manner, or one that swings open vertically.

With a custom garage door, the installation is not the end. If any repairs are necessary, a warranty is likely to cover those damages. It may be trouble with the springs, or the garage door opener is malfunctioning. Your custom garage door deserves to work just as intended years into the future. 

To get started on your own custom garage door design, visit our Design Center. Or for more tips and information on how you can design your new garage door, call the experts at Environmental Door today at 616-453-0164.

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