Protecting Your Garage From the Rain and Snow

How to stop rain coming under garage door? Protect seals on the edges of your garage door to keep rain and snow out. The beads of rain on a red car inside a closed garage.

While the rain itself may not cause direct harm to your cars or your belongings, when your garage is compromised and excess moisture creeps in, it can soon lead to disaster. Protecting your garage from the rain and snow means more than just keeping your items safe and dry, but also gives you peace of mind.

The usual suspects when it comes to water leaking into your garage are the roof and the windows. What you may not suspect as another entry point is your garage door. As much as you would like to believe that the garage door is the perfect defense from rain and snow, there are still some weaknesses that should be addressed.

After you are certain that the roof and windows are stopping the outside threat, look for signs that your garage door is letting in too much water. Pooling water could be a sign that rain is seeping through and under your garage door. Or there might be rust on the essential metal components. 

Don’t think that’s the end of your garage door and you need to rush for a replacement. Regular garage door maintenance can spot these problems if they develop early, which can be fixed before the issue gets out of hand. Not to mention that maintenance is almost always less expensive than a full replacement. 

Your garage door and its components may all be working just fine, but you still see water coming through. This scenario may not mean too much trouble. The garage door can be in great shape still, the only problem is it lacks proper sealing. A bottom seal, like a strip of rubber or vinyl, will attach to the garage door and will help stop the water.

Another benefit of a well-sealed garage door is that it helps keep pests outside, too. Water damage is one concern, but rodents will find a way inside your garage for shelter from the elements. The presence of mice or other rodents leads to a whole new world of trouble.

A garage door inspection can help discover if there are any weak points your garage door may have when it comes to keeping the rain and snow out. Then, you may learn if it’s necessary to repair or replace your garage door. For more information on protecting your garage from excess water, contact Environmental Door today at 616-453-0164.

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