Improve Your Garage Door Security

Proper garage door security means more than a lock. A rusted lock on a dilapidated garage door.

Homeowners should treat their garage door just about the same as the front door, especially when it comes to home security. You wouldn’t leave your front door wide open when you leave the house, right? So, why would you do the same with your garage door? Keeping your home, and your family, safe is easier when you can improve your garage door security.

Because opening your garage door can be as easy as pushing a button, you will want to keep that button out of sight. If people can see your garage door opener in your car, a thief could easily spot it, take that and use it. When you are parked at work or at the store, that thief could also go through your glove box and find your address on an insurance slip or registration card. Hiding your garage door opener creates less of a temptation.

It is possible that you have a coded entry pad on the outside of your garage. Do your best to make that code unique, and do not repeat the numbers of your address as your code. For better security, change your code often.

Intruders will use the cover of darkness to hide their movement. However, any sign of light can cause them to hesitate and move on from your house. With motion-sensing lights mounted to your garage, you won’t just keep out a thief, but you will also create a safer environment for you and your family.

Do not let thieves go window shopping, either. Leaving your garage door open will give them a view of what’s inside. An open garage door could also lead to easier access to your home, particularly for those with attached garages. For those with forgetful memories, a wi-fi enabled garage door allows you to check on it when you are not home.

An added piece of security is installing a manual garage door slide lock. When you are expecting to be away for a longer period of time, and makes it nearly impossible to open from the outside. This also cannot be unlocked by a remote, but only by sliding it unlocked from the inside yourself.

Another important step is to inspect the condition of your garage door. Cracks, bends, warping, or even gaps in weather sealing create vulnerabilities that can be exploited. 

Ensure the safety of your home and your family by keeping your garage door secure. Call Environmental Door today at 616-453-0164 for more information, and we can show you how to improve your home’s security. 

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