Installing an Exterior Garage Door Opener Keypad

A garage door opener keypad

Even with all the technical advancements in garage door openers, one classic still proves its usefulness — the exterior keypad. The convenient keypad allows you to open your garage door without a key or a remote control, but still provides the high level of security that you need for your home.

Today’s exterior garage door opener keypad works just like a remote control transmitter, like the one you would keep in your car. They are perfectly suited for a shed or detached garage that does not have an access door, allowing you to come in and out with ease.

Fortunately, there is no requirement to install a completely new garage door opening system. Many brands, such as LiftMaster or Chamberlain, have electric garage door openers compatible with a couple different keypads. 

An exterior keypad is suitable for both residential and commercial use. For commercial buildings, there are keypads specifically designed for a high level of security. These models are powered by a 9-volt lithium battery, and can store hundreds of codes in its memory. The keypad is also back-lit, which makes it easy to read in low light conditions, and its electronics are fully sealed for water protection.

Programming an exterior garage door opener keypad is quick and easy, and replacement batteries are available to help keep your keypad working when it should. The more recent models have also offered MyQ smartphone compatibility, which allows you to open or close your garage door from anywhere through the app on your phone.

Increasing the level of convenience for your garage door does not have to come at the cost of security. With an exterior garage door opener keypad, you can keep it simple for your family to come and go, while also offering another level of protection. For more information on garage door keypads or installing a new garage door, call the experts at Environmental Door today at 616-453-0164.

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