Key for Garage is Amazon’s Next Best Delivery System

Amazon and CGI's Key for Garage will give shoppers and extra layer of security.

First, it was the mailbox, then the doorstep, inside the home, and even your car’s trunk. And now, it’s inside the garage. We’re talking about the Amazon Key, of course, the newest way from the online shopping giant to deliver your packages securely.

While Amazon Key for Home is already in use, the Amazon Key for Garage is still in development for eligible Prime members. The application incorporates itself with the MyQ app, the garage door opener app compatible with the following opener models.

Take a Closer Look at Key for Garage

Amazon Looks to Relieve Porch Theft with Garage Door Security

Amazon Key for Garage Availability List

Learn More About the MyQ App

Here’s a video on how the Key works with your MyQ app and how both combine to give you peace of mind with every delivery.

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