Wayne Dalton 600 HC


Springless Rolling Grille

Model 600 HC offers the same safety and security of a standard rolling grille with the benefit of a cycle life 15 times longer. Another key feature is the ease of maintenance that comes with Wayne Dalton’s innovative springless design. Ideal for parking garages and other areas with high traffic, Model 600 HC has a lifespan of over 300,000 cycles, and a variety of material, control and safety options.

These grilles come standard ‭with enhanced safety devices such as the built-in ‭braking mechanism that prevents uncontrolled ‭curtain travel and photoelectric safety sensors ‭that provide obstruction monitoring during operation to help prevent injury and damage. The ‭innovative springless design creates a rolling grille ‭without a single spring to replace for lower ‭maintenance in the field and long-lasting durability.

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