Why Should You Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener?

A new garage door opener with a red emergency string hanging down.


Home improvement projects often imply that there is a big job that needs to be done. A job that might include hours of planning and weeks of work. But not all home improvement projects need to be on such a grand scale. In fact, a relatively simple project that can yield a tremendous increase in quality of life is to upgrade to a new garage door opener.

While you may not consider a task for your garage as a home improvement project, by putting your attention into your garage door opener now, you can avoid the possibility of old parts breaking or wearing down, causing an emergency down the line that could involve costly fixes.

Think about your current garage door opener. It might seem pretty basic, which could be OK for you and your family. Really, all you rely on for your garage door opener is to open and close your garage door with the push of a button. And if that’s all you need, there are plenty of models that will do the job. But if you are hoping for better security, or for a couple more features, then upgrading your garage door opener should be done sooner rather than later.

A normal garage door can last decades, but the mechanisms that go into operating that door have shorter life expectancies. Most garage door openers last roughly 10-12 years, depending on the workload that they are given. Odds are you have taken your garage door for granted, and may have neglected the importance of it functioning properly.

Newer garage door openers won’t just run more efficiently, but they can come with additional features as well. Plenty of smart home applications allow you to open your garage door just by saying the words. You can even set your garage door on a timer to close automatically. Another important feature is having a battery backup, so in the event of a power outage, you can still operate your garage door.

Added security is a must-have these days, and the modern garage door openers put that in the forefront of its technology. You can sync up your garage door to your smart phone, giving you the ability to open or close your garage door from virtually anywhere in the world.

Last, garage door openers have been developed to be much quieter than older models. Nobody enjoys waking up to a loud, creaking garage door that sounds like a tank rolling through your driveway. No, instead garage door openers today are much lighter and more compact, which create far fewer vibrations.

By upgrading your garage door opener now, you can start the reap the benefits of greater efficiency and greater security. For more information on garage door openers or installing a new garage door, call the experts at Environmental Door today at 616-453-0164.

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