Big or Small, Find the Right Sectional Door for Your Needs

An example of a sectional door for a garage

A standard two-car garage will most likely have a standard sized garage door. While Environmental Door can do standard, where we shine is in our custom doors, and that goes for all shapes and sizes. We do not limit ourselves to just typical garages, we can also install a sectional door on your small garage or shed.

One of the most significant benefits of having a sectional is being able to access your building without needing to clear away the snow.

There will be no space lost in your shed because of large doors because a sectional door opens by moving up toward the interior of your roof. An inward-opening entry can limit the storage you put on the walls, but a sectional will allow you to maximize that space.

Speaking of space, you can store more substantial items in your small garage or shed because the sectional door is more massive. Your four-wheeler or snowmobile can drive in and out with ease thanks to the full-sized opening that comes with having a sectional door.

Also, you can install an electric garage door opener with your sectional door. The convenience and comfort of knowing you don’t need to lug open an access door or lift a heavy door by yourself will immediately show benefits and an increase in your quality of life.

However, before you decide to install a sectional door on your small garage or shed, you need to have the right amount of space available so that the door can be lifted under the roof. The minimum size must be at least 112 square feet of floor space, which equates to 8 feet wide and 14 feet deep. There should be at least 5 inches of headroom over the door, or 7 inches if you plan to install an electric garage door opener.

The perfect look, size, and function are possible with a new sectional door from Environmental Door. We have many different styles to choose from, or you can fully customize the look of your garage door by using our Design Centre. For more information on installing a sectional door on your small garage or shed, call the professionals at Environmental Door at 616-453-0164.

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