Spring Cleaning … Out Your Garage

A messy garage with an open garage door. Cleaning out the garage is the perfect Spring activity.

These days a garage can be anything you want it to be. You can turn it into a workshop, a gym, a game room, or just keep it as your vehicle’s stationary home. What it shouldn’t be is a dump. Many families use their garage for storage, but if you get carried away, then all that junk piles up. It will soon be time to clean out the garage.

Having too much in your garage can be detrimental, and certain things shouldn’t be stored in there. Old photos or papers can be exposed to unwanted moisture, mice or other pests can get into food, and clothing can be damaged by changes in heat. Storing any electronics in there? Chances are they have become obsolete, and there isn’t much use for them nowadays

There is also the chance that if enough of your belongings become crowded and disorganized in your garage, then they could even interfere with your garage door mechanism. Loose clutter might get stuck in the tracks, items stored above could be a hazard to the garage door opener, and boxes could prevent the garage door from opening or closing completely.

Help remove the clutter, organize your belongings, and to save your garage door from impending doom, start planning a good time to clean out that garage. Try to pick a day with pleasant weather, because you will drag some of those old things out of the garage.

As you go through the items, determine which items you want to keep, which ones you can trash, which things that can be donated, and which pieces you might be able to sell. 

Once you have cleared out those items, it’s time to clean the garage. Some walls may have been covered by boxes for years, and you will want to vacuum out spider webs or dust bunnies, as well as check for signs of mold. Sweep the floor and try to remove any stains left from leaks under your car.

With far less belongings going back in, you can think about smarter ways for storage in your garage. Utilize each space, not just by stacking boxes, but by installing shelves or hooks to keep certain things off the ground. 

Also, with all that extra space now, you can take a closer look at your garage door and make sure it is in good condition. Check for warping or bowing in the garage door, make sure that the garage door is seated properly on the tracks, and watch to see if the garage door can open and close all the way.

If you notice any signs that your garage door just isn’t what it used to be, it may be time to either repair it, or replace it with a brand new door from Environmental Door. For more information on keeping your garage door in working order, or to upgrade to a new garage door, contact Environmental Door today at 616-453-0164.

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