Keeping Pests Out of Your Garage

A rodent under a doorway. pests in your garage are only a problem if you let them be.

Older garages and garage doors leave vulnerabilities available for more than just wear and tear or weather damage. Cracks, gaps and other small openings are invitations for pests and rodents to make your garage their home, and if you have an attached garage, they may get even further inside. Instead of completely overhauling your garage, there are some things you can do to help prevent pests from getting in your garage.

Mice, birds, flies, and other pests like your garage for one main reason: shelter. It can provide them with a steady source of food, water, nesting opportunities, and light. Once you find them, you want them out immediately. You also want to stop them from coming back. 

When you find any sign of an infestation, make a note of it and contact a pest control company. The professionals will do a much more thorough job at clearing them out than you can, and they can point out any other vulnerabilities that your garage may have, leaving you with good advice on how to prevent further issues. 

One recommendation is to clean out your garage. It can be as simple as that. Sweep the floor, remove debris, and throw out any old boxes. Switching to plastic containers for storage will better protect your items, and they will make it harder for pests to get into. Incorporate shelving units to help decrease the clutter, which can also limit the hiding spots for nesting opportunities. 

If you find any cracks or openings, seal them up and block them off. Sneakier pests still might find a way in, so you can incorporate laying traps around entrances, windows, and walls. 

Lastly, be sure that your garage door is in good condition. Gaps between the ground and the weather stripping create one of the most welcoming spots to invite pests. Call a professional garage door technician, like the ones at Environmental Door, and be sure that your garage door will stop any intruders.

Updating your current garage door will make an immediate difference when it comes to keeping pests out of your garage. For more information on upgrading your garage door and garage door opening systems, contact Environmental Door at 616-453-0164.

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