Making Your Garage More Than Just a Garage

Transform Garage into Party Space

If you have always wanted a great space for entertaining, but your house wasn’t suitable for hosting, you need to be creative. Your house is that box, and you literally need to think outside of it and be able to transform your garage into that party space that you’ve been dreaming of.

You can fix up your garage and use it for more than storage or parking your cars. The garage can be a great space to relax with your family, or to host and entertain all of your friends for a get together. Before any of that can happen, you will need to eliminate any clutter.

With all the tools, garden supplies, bicycles, and other belongings, you need to find the right spot for all of them that can keep them out of the way and organized. You can store some items in the shed, others in the basement. You might even have old items that you have no use for, which you can sell, donate, or throw away.

Check out the leftover area and reserve some spots for seating. Want to hook up the big screen so you and your friends can watch the big game? Make sure you have a stable spot for the entertainment system and safe and functional electric outlets.

A new paint job can go a long way. Fresh colors can make the space look cleaner and make you forget that you are even in a garage at all. With more free space on the walls, you can even hang some decorations to personalize the space even further.

The greatest feature of your new space for entertaining is not something that you would add, but something you would subtract. Open up that garage door to let in a cool breeze and all the natural light. Remember, if you need more privacy, all it takes is a press of a button. Be certain that your garage door is functioning properly.

Keep in mind that your garage door plays the largest role in the safety of your new party space. An old door that does not open or close is a big concern.

You can ensure that your garage door has all the features you need for that party space with a new garage door from Environmental Door. You can even use our Design Center or view our image gallery for ideas on how to personalize your garage door’s looks. For more information on a new garage door and how to turn your garage into a great party space, call Environmental Door at 616-453-0164 today.


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