Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Garage Door Open All the Time

An open garage door. What happens when your garage door won't close.

Some of us are plumb forgetful, and we leave our garage door wide open. It could be just for a couple of minutes, hours, or even overnight. Besides allowing the weather into your garage, like rain or snow, an open garage door can mean an open invitation to all sorts of guests. These are the consequences of what happens when your garage door won’t close.

In the warmer months, you may not think anything of it, that leaving your garage door open won’t have any harm. But a rolling storm and heavy rains can enter that wide open space, leaving not just your cars wet, but risking everything else getting soaked. In the winter, snow will blow into your garage, where it could melt and refreeze, making your floors slippery with ice.

As the weather is somewhat predictable, wildlife is not. An open garage door presents an open range for pests and critters to find themselves a new home. Squirrels and raccoons can be a minor nuisance, or a significant issue, especially if an entire family moves in. And although tiny, pests like roaches or ants can sneak into your garage. Those numbers can multiply, which will then make it more challenging to get rid of them.

Critters may chew and gnaw on some of your possessions, but a burglar will take whatever they want. Leaving your garage door open, particularly at night or when you are away, is like a kid in a candy shop for greedy passers-by. What more is if you have a common problem with leaving your garage door open, you might be making your home an easier target. If your home has an attached garage, it could allow potential thieves access to your home.

You can ensure that your garage door is closed and stays closed with the right equipment. Installing a door monitor in your home will show you when your garage door is open or closed. And you can even shut it with the touch of a button.

Another option is a relatively new one. If your garage door opener has Liftmaster’s MyQ technology, then you can open and close your garage door from your smartphone or tablet. So if you’ve already arrived at work and forgot once again to close the garage door, accessing the app will allow you to close it from anywhere.

There are many risks when leaving your garage door open, and some are more severe than others. If you’d like to learn more about the right equipment to close (and keep closed) your garage door, call the professionals at Environmental Door at 616-453-0164 today.


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