Do You Know How to Adjust Your Garage Door Springs?

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You might notice that your garage door makes a lot of noise or doesn’t work correctly. It could be because of the springs in your garage door. The springs stretch each time you open and close your garage door. Over time, they may lose their tension and need to be adjusted or replaced. Do you know how to adjust your garage door springs? And, should you attempt to adjust them yourself?

The springs in your garage door are one of the most important components of your door. The springs lift and lower your garage door. There are other parts of your garage door that work with the springs to move the door up and down, but if the springs are broken or don’t have the right tension, your door won’t open or close properly.

Signs that your garage door springs may need to be adjusted.

If you notice any of these signs, your garage door springs may need to be adjusted or replaced.

  • Your garage door takes too long to open or close.
  • Your door opens too quickly or slams to the ground when lowered.
  • Your garage door doesn’t close all the way.
  • Your garage door looks crooked when it opens and closes.
  • Your garage door is unusually noisy.

If you’re noticing any of these indicators that the springs on your door need to be adjusted, what should you do? Many homeowners want to know how to adjust their garage door springs. They make the mistake of thinking they can just adjust the springs themselves. However, this is not something we recommend.

Your garage door is much heavier than you think, and the springs keep it from slamming down. This is one reason many garage door openers work with a sensor that keeps the door from accidentally closing on anything underneath it – such as items, people, or pets. They include this safety feature because a door crashing on someone can be very dangerous.

How to adjust your garage door springs

If you think your garage door springs need to be adjusted, give Environmental Door a call. We have the tools and experience to safely check and adjust your garage springs. We can evaluate your door and let you know if the springs need to be adjusted.

If they do need to be adjusted, we will determine whether they have too much tension, not enough tension, or if one side of the door has more tension in the springs than the other side. If you’re having issues with your door not opening or closing all the way, it may be because the tension in your springs is too tight.

If your door is opening or closing too fast, the spring tension may be too loose. If your door is crooked when it opens and closes, the tension may only need to be adjusted on one side.

If your garage door needs an adjustment, call us.

If the springs on your garage door aren’t working properly, this can be a potentially dangerous situation. Don’t wait until the springs break or the door falls on you or your car. Call Environmental Door at 616-453-0164 today. We will inspect your springs and if an adjustment is necessary, we will go over options with you to get your garage door working properly.

Don’t wait until your garage door springs break or the door falls on someone or your car. Talk to Environmental Door today at 616-453-0164 . We can inspect your springs and get your door working properly.

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