Does Your Garage Door Make Noise?

What happens when the garage door is noisy? You fix it! An Environmental Door technician repairs a loose garage door panel.

All garage doors make noise, there is no way around that. But many of those noises are normal, such as the motor from the garage door opener, or the door moving along the tracks. However, there are other reasons that your garage door is noisy, and these are the noises that need to be investigated.

It is likely that you will tell when something isn’t right. Through the countless times you’ve heard your garage door open and close, you have become familiar with the noises it normally makes. But if one of those new noises sounds like something is straining, then it may be a problem with the motor in your garage door opener. That could mean that the motor needs to be replaced, or there might not be enough power running to the garage.

A banging sound could imply that two garage door panels are whacking into each other, or that you need to put the door back on its tracks. A door off its tracks can make other types of sounds, too, such as rattling or rubbing.

Loose nuts or bolts can be another cause of a multitude of noises. That rattling noise can also be due to loose nuts or bolts, but you may also hear a vibrating noise close to the tracks. If tightening the nuts and bolts does not do the trick, then some parts of the garage door need lubrication. Grinding, squeaking and squealing can all be fixed with some lubrication.

There are other causes that can lead to atypical noises coming from your garage door. Older garage doors will make more noise as they age, or perhaps the door has fallen off-balance. The rollers may have experienced more than just the normal wear and tear, or maybe some parts need to be repaired or replaced.

Noisy garage doors do not always mean something has gone terribly wrong, but the sooner you can discover the source, the sooner you can silence it. For more information on fixing noisy garage doors, or to install a brand new garage door, call the experts at Environmental Door today at 616-453-0164.

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