Your Business Could Use a High-Speed Commercial Garage Door

High Speed garage doors can close at speeds nearly 15x faster than conventional doors. A red panel commercial garage door with yellow brackets.

Not all commercial garage doors need to be big and bulky. In fact, that type of door may not be the right one for your business, and consider installing a high-speed commercial garage door. High-speed garage doors are very similar to conventional garage doors, but the major difference is, you guessed it, speed.

Your typical garage door will slowly open at roughly 7 inches per second, whereas high-speed garage doors can go up or down at nearly 100 inches per second. That means almost as soon as you activate it, your high-speed door will be open right away.

If your business requires you to get in and get out fast, then a high-speed commercial garage door is right for you. Emergency services benefit from high-speed doors, such as a firehouse or a hospital, because vehicles can exit quickly and make a difference in emergency situations.

Another business that benefits is one that deals with a lot of shipping or inventory. In a fulfillment center or warehouse, especially one that could deal with overnight deliveries, a high-speed commercial garage door gives your bottom line an enormous advantage. 

Not only those, but many more business environments utilize high-speed doors in their day-to-day operations, including auto dealerships, maintenance garages, and parking garages. Even food services and high traffic sanitary operations see the benefits of a high-speed door.

High-speed doors mean your vehicles do not need to sit idling, waiting for the door to open, and you can cut back on your environmental footprint. They also mean workflow can improve because there is less downtime as the door slowly opens. 

Upgrading your business’s garage door to a high-speed commercial garage door will show off its benefits almost as quickly as it can open and close. For more information on high-speed garage doors or installing a commercial garage door, call the experts at Environmental Door today at 616-453-0164.

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