Two Single Doors, Or One Double Door?

Garage door width is an issue when deciding between a single 'double door' or two single doors.

Planning a new home or a remodel could mean extending those plans to your garage. If your family has multiple cars, you could face a major decision when it comes to garage door width: should you have one larger door, or two smaller doors?

Each will have their pros and cons. Car makes and models, workbenches, and other storage space will affect your choice. Another big factor is

 your budget.

First, you need to think about what is most practical for your situation. In colder climates, one larger door will let in more cold air, whereas a smaller door will reduce the amount of heat lost. Maintenance and repairs are also a factor. If one large door breaks down, you have two cars stuck in the garage. If one of two smaller doors malfunctions, you can still drive one car out of the garage.

The appearance, or curb appeal, will also have weight in your decision. Some homeowners, designers and architects will differ in their opinion of what looks better, one larger door or two smaller doors. The vast options of garage door design can make either choice easier by making the facade beautiful, but most of the time it will come down to the homeowner’s particular taste.

The cost of one larger door and two smaller doors is also quite similar. The primary difference is the pricing of adding a second electric garage door opener, and also the construction of the narrow wall between the two doors. 

A less common situation is a garage that is large enough for a combination of the two options. A three car garage can have one larger door, and then one smaller door next to it. That smaller door can allow parking smaller vehicles in the space, or allow easier maneuvering of a lawnmower or snow thrower. 

Once you review all the factors, deciding between one larger door or two smaller doors should be easier. For more information on designing and installing your new garage door(s), contact Environmental Door today at 616-453-0164.

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