Signs Your Garage Door Needs to Be Fixed

While this broken garage door might be beyond repair, a garage door fix is the best option than total replacement.

If your garage door opens and closes as it should, then you might think there is nothing to worry about. But what if your garage door is showing signs of warping or bowing? It may still appear to be functioning properly, but those abnormalities can lead to a far worse situation, requiring a much-needed garage door fix.

Warping or bowing is more likely to be seen in wooden garage doors, which are susceptible to fluctuations in temperature. Older garage doors will go through more of these changes, and extreme shifts in temperature will cause it to warp. Other materials are more resilient, but not perfect. If a steel door shows signs of bowing, that could mean that the garage door opener is struggling to handle the weight of the door.

When a garage door is warping or bowing, it is more than just an eyesore. It can lead to your garage door opener making moaning or straining sounds as it works harder to open or close the door. Thus, the misshapen door can and will negatively affect the garage door opener.

It may be a possible cost-effective fix for a warped garage door if it is contained to only one or two of the panels. We can replace those panels, which is much better than needing to repair the entire thing. 

However, serious signs of bowing, including the concave look and the sound of a struggling garage door opener, are indications that you should replace the garage door. Leaving a bowing door as is will only create more problems, which can be potentially dangerous for you or your family.

Fortunately, the team at Environmental Door can help you with any and all of your garage door needs. From repairs to your existing door, to installations of your brand new door, choose Environmental Door to get the job done safely and efficiently. 

You can also design your own door using the tools on our website, or choose an existing design from our showroom. For more information on upgrading your garage door and garage door opening systems, call the professionals at Environmental Door at 616-453-0164.

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