The Most Common Garage Door Problems

Common garage door problems often have common solutions. A repair tech working on a garage door hinge.

If you use your garage, you want to open and close your garage door without difficulty. If you have a remote control for your garage, it should work. When you can’t get your garage door to work properly, it’s inconvenient and frustrating. We handle a lot of issues, but these are the most common garage door problems we see. 

The garage door won’t open

We see this problem a lot here in Michigan, especially in the winter months. When your garage door won’t open, it’s usually because of one or two issues. Either it’s frozen shut or there’s an electrical issue. 

If the outside temperature is below freezing, there’s a good chance that it’s just stuck. This is usually an easy problem to fix. Try opening it by hand. If that doesn’t work, tap on the door to break up the ice. If you still can’t open it, you may need a professional to look.

The garage door won’t close

Here’s a common garage door problem. Your garage door doesn’t close or doesn’t close all the way. There may be an obstruction under the door is preventing it from closing completely. This is a safety feature on your garage door. Your garage door could crush objects, pets, or children under it if it closes on them. 

Check to see if there is something blocking your garage door from closing. Is there something under your garage door? If not, it could be an issue with the sensors in your door opener or a possible an electrical issue. There are a few reasons why a garage door might not close properly, but in most cases, it’s an easy fix.

The garage door opener won’t work

If you’re having trouble opening your garage door, maybe it’s not the door. Maybe it’s your remote control. If you are out of range when you press the remote, this could be the problem. Or, if you have a smart garage door that works with an app, the issue could be with your Wi-Fi connection. Check your router to see if you are connecting to the internet.

Broken cables or springs

A garage door operates using cables and springs. If any of the cables or springs are broken, it can keep the garage door from going up or down. Most times, you can tell because the garage door sounds noisy when it opens and closes. Inspect the cables and springs on your door. If you see any that are bent or damaged, this is most likely the problem.

If your garage door isn’t working properly, we can help you figure out what’s wrong. Whether it’s one of these common garage door problems, or something unique, we can help. For more information or help with any of your garage door issues contact Environmental Door today at 616-453-0164.

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