What Is the Most Popular Residential Garage Door Style?

The raised panel is still the Most popular garage door style. But even it has its customizations.

Garages are a common feature in many residential areas across the country. You notice it as you drive down the streets, and it has become a part of the experience of owning a single-family home. A garage protects not only your vehicle but also your belongings as you transition from the vehicle to the interior of your home. Your garage can also be used, such as storage, but to do this, it must be secured and taken care of, just like the rest of your home. Installing a garage door is a simple way to secure it.

Garage doors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. The raised panel door is the most popular option available on the market. When choosing a garage door, you should consider both appearance and functionality, and the raised panel door should meet both requirements. The raised panel door is the most widely used type of garage door.

Here are some advantages of a raised panel door and claims supporting its popularity:


Installing a panel door in your garage allows you to personalize the look to your preference. Prior to installation, you can change the size, color, shape, and number of panels. The length and orientation of the panels are entirely up to you. Environmental Doors experts offer customers a plethora of design options to choose from. These doors are extremely adaptable and flexible, which allows users to install these doors in several homes and different architectural styles.

Affordability and Maintenance

Raised panel doors are extremely popular because of their low cost. This makes them simple to purchase and incorporate into the family budget without significantly expanding the budget’s constraints. Garage doors are frequently used as a part of everyday routine, which can cause wear and tear. However, an advantage of using a raised panel door is that wear and tear can be avoided with regular maintenance. They are easy to clean and maintain, which contributes to their longevity and popularity. If you need to fix or repair your garage door, contact Environmental Door at 616-453-0614. We can assist you in restoring proper operation to your garage door.


Your garage door should be able to serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. The beauty that your garage door adds to your exterior will alter how your neighbors perceive the value of your property. The raised panel doors add distinction and elegance to your home. They appear decorative and appealing, increasing your curb appeal. The doors have depth, whether short or long panels and add a dramatic view to the display of your home.

Accessibility of Standard Options

Many customizable features, such as hardware, color, material, and window placement, are available when you shop for a raised panel door for your garage. Steel, fiberglass, and aluminum are common materials used to construct them. The most popular materials are aluminum and fiberglass because they are more dependable and require less maintenance.

Garages are necessary components of any home. Depending on the property owner, they can be used for parking or storage purposes. However, in both cases, the space must be secure. Adding a door to your garage is a simple way to improve its security, and choosing the most flexible and sturdy residential doors is a good idea. Raised panel doors are popular due to their appealing aesthetics, long-lasting materials, and versatility. They are also simple to maintain, and if you ever need assistance with installation, maintenance, or have any queries, call Environmental Door at 616-453-0614. We can help get your garage door working properly in no time.

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