Can a Bent Garage Door be Repaired?

can a bent garage door be repaired? A bent garage door at the weatherproofed base.

It’s happened to the best of us. You backed into your garage door with your car. Or maybe someone else did. Who knows what happened? A garage door can get damaged for many reasons. But now that the garage door is bent, do you need to replace the garage door? Or can a bent garage door be repaired?

Garage doors can become bent for many reasons. Often it’s because of an accident, but strong winds or thunderstorms could be the culprit. But, now that you have a bent garage door, can it be repaired? A lot of this depends on how bent it is. Are you dealing with a little ding or has the door become so bent it’s not opening or closing properly? If your garage door just has a cosmetic dent but still functions, you may repair the bent door yourself. Here are a couple of things you can try.

Hammer out the dent: If the dent is small, you may pop it out by hammering. Be careful though! Hammering could make a small dent even worse. If you try this, use a rubber mallet and tap on the dent to pop it back out. If that doesn’t work, don’t keep hammering at it. You could make the dent worse.

Cover over or paint the garage door: If you have a small dent, you can fill in the dent with auto body filler. Then paint the door. This will help to conceal the dent, even if it doesn’t remove it.

If the garage door is damaged, it may not be safe to use. Or, if it doesn’t open or close correctly, you may not repair the garage door yourself. This is when it’s best to call a professional. The repair could be as simple as replacing a single panel in your door or if your door is severely damaged, you may need to replace the door.

If your garage door is stuck and you try to force it up or down, this can break the door. If your garage door won’t open or close, this might be an urgent situation that needs to be addressed right away. For example, if your car is stuck in the garage because you can’t open the door.

If this isn’t an emergency, be gentle with your garage door until a professional can look. At Environmental Door, our garage door repair professionals can help you determine what is wrong with your garage door. We can let you know what needs to be done to get your bent garage door working again. If your garage door needs to be replaced, we will go over the best options to get your garage secure and functioning again as quickly as possible.

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