Garage Gutters are Just as Important as Garage Doors

Garage Gutters can clog and impede the functionality of your garage door.

Just as a garage door is effective at keeping things out of your garage, we can say the same of gutters. While they each function much differently than the other, garage gutters are just as important as the gutters on your house. 

When there is excessive water that runs off the roof of your garage, it can cause damage to your garage and its garage door. The foundation can also take a hit during heavy rainfall, and if that foundation shifts, it can affect the usefulness of the garage door.

Regardless if your garage is attached to your home or not, attaching gutters is the best way to divert water away from the structure and the foundation. The effects of not having gutters or downspouts will not be immediate, but the problems that come from the lack of gutters will be a very difficult fix.

Without gutters, you may experience leaks under the garage door and other entry doors. Putting seals on the bottom of the door is a recommended fix, but that will only be temporary. Those seals can wear down, which eventually will lead to that water entering the garage again.

When water is not directed away from the garage, it will find its way to many undesired places. Water in the garage can add a lot of unwanted moisture, which could then lead to mold. For an attached garage, that water may even end up getting into your house. 

The siding on your garage can also take a hit without gutters redirecting the water. This will depend on how far the roof extends away from the building, but the water will drain down the side of the building as opposed to directly to the ground. That water can strip paint off siding, or cause wood panels to rot.

Worse still, if water gets into your garage, it can cause negative effects on your garage door or the garage door opener. When either does not work properly, it is more than just an irritating experience of getting your car in and out of the garage, but might lead to expensive or dangerous repairs.

Having a great looking and well-functioning garage door does not mean much if you aren’t doing the things necessary to keep it in the best shape possible. Attaching gutters to your garage is just one way that will help, and that goes well beyond just the operation of your garage door. For more information on protecting your garage door or installing gutters to your garage, contact Environmental Door today at 616-453-0164.

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